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Official Blog of Harry Caray's Ghost

Chicago Cubs Fans
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The Official Chicago Cubs Baseball Discussion Community!

Thanks to luckistarz14 for the info page graphic!

Hey, and welcome to the Official Cubs LiveJournal Community. We're just a bunch of passionate Cubs fans who love to talk about our team, but even if you aren't a Cubs fan--but just love talking baseball or want to engage with fans of another team--you're welcome to join. Tell us how you first came to love the Cubs. Share your pictures from the game. Cheer the Cubs on. Give your opinions about trade prospects, minor league hopefuls, and the state of the game of baseball. Most important: have fun!


1.) Be civil and treat one another with respect. Friendly debate is welcome and encouraged. Please do your best to keep the community uplifting and on-topic.

2.) Policy on advertising: so long as it is related to the format of this community, is clearly labeled and isn't spam, advertising your auctions, websites and other communities is allowed (so long as it doesn't violate LiveJournal's policies on advertising)

3.) Anything that violates the LJ Terms of Service is also considered a violation of the community's rules.

Violations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Rules for Posts

-- Long posts and posts with large or multiple images should be put behind an LJ-cut.
-- Any image, link or embedded video that contains material that would be Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or inappropriate for children should be clearly labeled. Links should be labeled and images and embedded videos should be placed behind an LJ-cut with text clearly warning readers that they are potentially inappropriate.
-- Never restrict, screen or delete comments.


Tagging helps users search for and find entries with specific subjects. We ask that if your entry falls into one of the following categories that you include the appropriate tag:
-- (Tag: pics) If your entry includes photographs or if the subject of your entry is photographs. It is up to your discretion to use this tag if your post uses photographs as illustrations, which are secondary to the subject (such as a news article).
-- (Tag: graphics) If your entry contains graphics, icons, themes, or banners please use this tag.
-- (Tag: news) If your entry discusses news specific to the Cubs such as changes going on at Wrigley Field, a possible or impending trade, or an update on a Cubs player's injury, please include this tag.
-- Feel free to tag anything else as appropriate, and please try to follow the tagging trends of others (for example: if other users are tagging entries with Cubs icons as "icons", don't tag yours with "cubs icons").
-- Never remove another user's tags. If you feel an item is tagged improperly, let the author know. If that isn't successful, please notify one of the mods.
-- When in doubt, tag it. It's easy enough to add/remove tags after the fact.

The Gameday Post

Every day, usually ten or fifteen minutes before the game begins, a member creates a Gameday Post. Creating the GD Post is first-come, first-served (but please share the joy). This post is where you go nuts and flood all of your comments about the game as it goes by, have conversations with other chicagocubs members about the day's events, discuss the weather and otherwise share your opinions, joy, rage, and observations. This keeps everyone's Friends Page squeaky clean.
Rules for the Gameday Post:
-- Don't post it too early, otherwise there could be repeat postings. Fifteen minutes or so before the game is probably ideal.
-- If the game is about to start and there is no Gameday Post you can always make a quick, minimal post and fix it up after the fact. If you aren't willing to do this, don't bother, because chances are someone else is.
-- Tag the entry with "!Gameday" (no, that exclaimation point isn't a typo)
-- Tag the entry with the name of the opposing team. Don't include the city, just the team's name. So "brewers", not "milwaukee" or "milwaukee brewers".
-- You would be wise to set "Allow Comments?" to "Don't Email", as GD Posts have been known to exceed 300 comments in a day. Avoid at your own peril.
-- The format of the Subject line should be consistent (see below)

How to Format Your Gameday Post:
-- The Subject should read: "Gameday Post - [date]; Cubs [vs. or at] [opposing team]" (the more uniform they are, the easier it will be for people searching for older games) - you are welcome to add the game number at the end, if you wish.
-- Must be included: both teams, time of start (and timezone), what television channels and radio stations are broadcasting it and the starting pitchers.
-- Information everyone likes to see: team records, records for the starting pitchers, starting lineups, city/park where the game is taking place, statistics!, weather information, any relevant commentary.
-- New: once the game has concluded, if you are the author of that game's GD Post, please edit the post to include the final score and which pitchers got the W, L, and S (if any). Please include any other statistics from the game that you feel like sharing.
-- Here is an example of a GD Post. It includes necessary as well as optional information. Your GD Posts don't need to be a carbon-copy of the one shown.

Your friendly neighborhood maintainers:

Justin (jwieg79)
AIM: Click to Message Me
Email: jawieging@[[yahoo]]. com

Carol (schnozbrry)
AIM: novocainemybrain
Y!: schnozbrry
Email: schnozbrry@[[yahoo]]. com

David (savagemind)
AIM: forgott0remember
Email: calamariachi@[[yahoo]]. com

Please feel free to address us through any of the listed avenues with your questions, comments, and complaints. However, we ask that you do not come to our personal journals with your issues (except savagemind, who needs the comments), but rather contact us via IM or email. Also, note, take out the [[ ]] in the email addresses - that is there to prevent those pesky Spam Bots o DOOM.

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